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Rotten shingles or shingles that seem to just fall out of the roof can be easily replaced with another shingle. Several in a row can indicate a problem with the roof boards and should be carefully examined for water damage or rot. Always buy an extra bundle of shingles and keep on hand for these types of repairs.

Always use the right type of tools and materials when shingling whenever possible. Roofing nails have a larger head that prevents the shingle from pull off and over the head of the nail. Never nail through an exposed part of the shingle, only nail where the next row will cover.

Ridge shingles are the singles that are placed across the peak of the roof, known as the ridge, to provide a waterproof cap to the roof. If these shingles are damaged or are coming off it is a good idea to get a roofer in to examine the roof and give you an estimate for a full replacement or a repair.

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Looking for a Fairbanks Roof repair service?

"What is a roof repair service?
A roof repair service is a professional service, which traditionally provides for repairs needed on roofing.

Why do you look for one?
If you need service from a roof repair service:
» To help you to repair leaks in your roofing,
» For shingle repair,
» For gutter repair,
» For a new roof installation,
» For help in weatherproofing your roofing,
then you consider a roof repair service.

Where do you find a good roof repair service?
Repairbase will help you to find the best roofer providing complete professional , and timely services. Check our listings to find the best roofer close to you. Whether a small one truck company or an large office with many services, you should prefer a licensed roof repair service."
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