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Leaking windows can be caused by several problems, but usually a dual-pane window that leaks has a manufacturing defect such as an incorrect seal. Contact the manufacturer of the windows if the leak starts within the warranty time, or check around the window for any signs of damage to the seal.

Adding or fixing screens on windows is usually not a difficult task and simple for the home owner to complete. Ensure that the screens you are using are flat and not warped and that the screens are not torn or damaged before installation. New screening material can be found at most hardware stores and is simple to replace.

Double and triple pane windows or specialized types of energy saving windows may need to be installed by a contractor to maintain the warranty on the window. Always carefully check the manufacturers warranty for exceptions that may invalidate the warranty on the windows.

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Looking for a Knoxville Window repair service?

"Who is a window repair contractor?
A window repair contractor is a skilled professional, who traditionally provides window repair for homes and commercial locations.

Why do you look for one?
If you need a professional window repair contractor:
» To repair your home's windows,
» For repair to your commercial storefront windows,
» For vehicle window replacement or repair,
» To improve the quality of your windows,
» To do preventative maintenance on your windows,
then you look for a window repair contractor.

Where do you find a window repair contractor?
Repairbase will help you to find the best repairman providing professional timely , and thorough services. Check our listings to find the best contractor close to you. Whether a single person operation or a large entity, you should prefer a licensed window repair contractor."
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